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Fashion for Future 2013


Tuana Hair Design has always been about volunteers and passion projects. What an amazing show we had at our 2nd annual “Fashion for a Future” fashion show benefiting Realities for Children!!! In partnership with Realities for Children , a local charitable organization that aids in supporting abused and neglected children of Larime County, we had a huge success this year.


At Tuana, we are very proud to say from our 2nd annual Fashion for a Future fashion show benefiting Realities for Children has donated $10,444.81!!!!!! Wow!!! Thank you to our staff, sponsors, business that donated silent auction items, volunteers, clients, models, family and friends for joining us!!! We could not have done it without you! Watch out for our 3rd annual Fashion for a Future!!! It will be even better!


We would like to say a special thank you to The Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant  for donating the venue and food, Cira Ltd.  for dressing our wonderful models, these businesses started with us and we appreciate working with you and thank you!
Thanks everyone again for another amazing year!


“Fashion For Future 2012″

Tuana Hair Design has always been committed to lending their time and talents in the name of volunteer work. The Cancer Center of the Rockies annual Hair Raiser Event is one that gathers participating salons in the area to see who can raise the most hair donations in order to make wigs for women and children battling cancer. Tuana Hair Design has happily attended and brought home the Hair Raiser trophy for most hair donations four years in a row. But the team at Tuana Hair Design wanted to extend their charitble work to children suffering from abuse and neglect. In partnership with Realities for Children, a local charitable organization that aids in supporting abused and neglected children of Larimer County, they decided to put on a fashion show.  Tuana single handedly organized their first annual, “Fashion for a Future” fashion show to raise funds and awareness for Realities for Children.

The entire Tuana Hair Design team, from stylists to apprentices prepped, tousled and styled hair for the event that was held in the Agave Room of the Rio Grande in old town Ft. Collins.

The “Fashion for a Future” fashion show was a major success in which all the fun was fueled by a great cause and organization. Tuana Hair Design would like to thank the sponsors and everyone who attended.  We are looking forward to next year and to continue our volunteer work.

Tuana’s team came together to raise over 8,000 inches of hair out of the over 13,000 inches collected. This allows Poudre Valley Cancer Center the ability to make over 250 wigs!!! We brought the coveted “Hair Raiser of the Year” trophy back to Tuana for the 4th year in a row!!!

Have you ever tried our Turkish Coffee in TUANA yet?


Drinking coffee is a unique pleasure for Turks.

There is a Turkish proverb that says, “A single cup of coffee is remembered for fourty years”. In the Turkish culture, coffee is always offered at the start of any visit. No true conversations begin until kahve is served. The discussions and the brew are remembered together. No wonder that Turkish coffee is unforgettable.

Serving a cup of Turkish Coffee is also a way of sealing a friendship. The preparation and care taken by a host in serving Turkish Coffee to his guests is an important aspect of hospitality. In Turkey, it is traditional for a prospective bride to serve coffee to her suitor and his family when they come to ask for her hand in marriage. Accepting a cup of coffee is a source of pride to the person who offers it. This is illustrated in the Turkish expressions “his coffee can be drunk” and “I would drink a cup of your coffee”.

To make proper Turkish Coffee you need Turkish coffee beans, a Turkish coffee pot (“cezve”), and Turkish coffee cups (“fincan”), and optionally, if you want to grind the beans, a Turkish coffee grinder (“kahve degirmeni”).

The foam on Turkish Coffee is very important. It is made as the brew sits on the stove without being stirred. A few people will tell you that it is okay to stir after the first two boiling; in fact some will say it is a must but never is it stirred once it is placed on the heat for the last time. In fact, it is said that the host who serves coffee with no foam loses face.

For those of us who’ve always wanted our future read with coffee, Turkish Coffee is the brew you must try. It is the remains from this brew or fal that is used to read ones possible future or destiny. In fact it is still a favorite pastime in Turkey today, especially among the women.

Ask for yourself a cup of Turkish Coffee when you are in Tuana and enjoy the experience for yourself. Don’t forget to check if there’s someone around who can read fal :)


“Coffee should be black as Hell, strong as death, and sweet as love.” –Turkish Proverb

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